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Learn More About Wish

Wish is founded in 2013 by Peter Szulczewski, and aims to democratize  buying online via mobile phones, knowing that the number of mobile internet connection is growing strongly. As its name suggests Wish has the principle of giving the possibility to the users to create a “wishlist” or in other words a list of products that they can buy whenever they wish. Wish is also available on computer, being first created in mobile application the emphasis is on a simple navigation using a lot of information about your buying and research behaviors in order to offer you products that might interest you .

Wish is a market place in the same way as Aliexpress, so it connects suppliers, often Chinese, and individual buyers around the world. Registration is mandatory before you can view the products, it is simple and fast as required by mobile use, you can sign up with your Facebook account, Google or by email address. Like most “market-places”, products and sellers are valued by buyers.

Wish Payment method

Wish offers several types of payment simple and totally secure.

  • Paypal : The easiest and fastest way to pay your purchases on Wish is Paypal, so you just have to have a Paypal account and you will not have to enter your bank details on the site.
  • Carte bancaire : Wish also proposes to pay directly by Credit Card, Master Card, Visa, American Express and Maestro are accepted on Wish. You will then have to fill in your bank details, the payment platform is totally secure, you have nothing to fear. You will need to fill in this information: credit card number, name of the credit card holder as it appears on the card, visual cryptogram (CVV), expiry date of the card, code billing address, if your billing address differs from the delivery address.
  • Google Wallet

Wish does not accept payment on delivery or bank transfer

Costs and delivery time on Wish

Regarding delivery costs this is variable depending on the shops and products. The size and weight of the package will affect the cost of shipping and the destination of the shipment. The price of delivery costs is set by the seller. On the app, the estimated costs will be available by scrolling the product page down. On the website, shipping costs will be available in your shopping cart once you have added the item to your cart. Regarding the delivery time, this will also vary according to the shop and the destination of the shipment.

The product will be shipped within a maximum of one week after your order, this step is generally done within 3 days of payment. The products will be received within a fairly wide time range ranging from 4 to 28 days once the order is shipped. You can view the estimated delivery time by scrolling down the product page on the app, or in your shopping cart on the website. On the order history page you can follow your package, where you will find the status of your sending (preparation, sent, …) as well as the tracking number.

Wish Customs Review

Customs fees linked to the 20% VAT in force in France are in very rare cases applied to purchases on Wish. For orders under 150 €, no risk you will not have customs fees. For purchases over 150 €, especially branded electronic products, if your product is inspected by customs, you will generally have 20% of the purchase price corresponding to the VAT paid to the postman or office to collect your package.

What you need to know is that under the flow of product coming from China there is very little chance that customs will inspect your product, knowing that what the customs officers are looking for is above all the large quantities destined for resale and counterfeit products. By purchasing one or more Wish products on a unit basis, there is very little chance that you will have to pay VAT on receipt of your package, but this is a possible scenario.

Wish After-Sales Service

It is possible that one of your orders will be canceled for various reasons, Wish will refund the exact amount on the account used for the initial payment of the order. If you paid by Paypal, the refund will be made within 3 days, if you paid by credit card the refund will be made in 10 days maximum. If a product does not suit you it is possible to return it within 30 days, for this you must follow the following steps.

Go to your order history, select the item that is not suitable for you, then click on the button “customer service” or “contact support”. Then select the topic “return or exchange” and describe your problem concerning the product(s) in question. Wish customer service is committed to answering you within 72 hours. Please note that the refund is in the form of a credit note and Wish does not reimburse the cost of return, customs fees, taxes, postage or VAT charges.

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