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Snapchat is the social exchange platform, used by millions of people around the world to exchange daily experiences. These experiences can be seen on video or photographs and through stories. It was launched in 2011 and since then it has been a sensation among young people and adults for the way they interact with users.

Security is a priority on Snapchat and this offers millions of users who use it, a tool that not only removes shared content after 24 hours but also a door to share explicit content for a specific audience.

People are constantly looking for a place where they can unleash their deepest secrets, and Snapchat allows you to share intimacy like you can’t enjoy on any other social network.

People are tired of leading a routine life with repetitive jobs and low pay and for this reason, they are constantly looking for new ways to generate income that allow them to improve their lifestyle and, above all, to be able to carry out an activity that is Of your liking.

This search led thousands of women to become Internet girls, sharing and spreading images and videos with a tone beyond the intimate. This allowed them to generate content that captured the attention of a good number of followers.

How does a Snapchat Premium Account Work?

Private stories, photos, and videos are a topic that many do not like, however, this behavior on social networks like Snapchat, has become an industry that involves thousands of young women distributing explicit sexual content based on a payment model. by viewing.

The proliferation of free porn websites has not stopped the market for webcam sites from growing and moving hundreds of millions a year.

Many websites offer a pay-per-view service, and they keep a good percentage of the revenue generated from shared content. Snapchat guarantees the models that all the income generated by what they share is for them until the last penny.

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Due to how underpaid the jobs are now, thousands of women are trading them to start getting naked on Snapchat which ensures an hourly profit of hundreds of dollars for exclusive passes to private content.

Private accounts on Snapchat receive income from two different sources:

  1. A specific Snapchat account where girls publish content on a daily basis where customers pay a single cup to unlock it. This model is perhaps the most popular today.
  2. Premium shows where users pay a specific amount to belong to a list in the model’s account where they can enjoy a live show and several hours of content.


Fancentro is a platform for exchanging multimedia content with an erotic hue that can be accessed by paying a minimum amount of money for registration to the account of your choice.

Today, Fancentro has many accounts that offer original and explicit content for a wide and open-minded audience. Among the most popular accounts we can highlight:

What is a Premium Snapchat Account ?
  1. Angela White (https://fancentro.com/angelawhite): Beautiful and sensual girl who has just over 2900 followers on her subscriber list and who enjoy unique, sensual and explicit content. Users can add it completely free to enjoy its content for all audiences. At fancentro subscribers will need to sign in to their private account to access their multimedia library of adult content.

2. Esperanza Gómez (https://fancentro.com/esperanzagomez): Hot and sensual Latina who has become a sensation on the social network. She currently has more than 5,200 followers and for a very low fee, followers can follow her on fancentro.

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3. Bonnie Rotten (https://fancentro.com/bonnierotten): Slim, sensual and beautiful American erotic model, uncensored shows her body to the public and each of her tattoos demonstrate her adventurous and rebellious spirit.

4. AutumnFalls (https://fancentro.com/autumnfallsx): Beautiful and voluptuous girl of Latin origin who has caused a sensation on Snapchat for its erotic and sensual content. Its more than 8000 followers certify that its content can keep users aware of all its content

5. DaisyShai (https://fancentro.com/daisyshai): One of the most beautiful Russian girls on Snapchat. His body and all the attributes it has have become a sensation on the social network. He has more than 1800 followers and his publications and live shows guarantee you a lot of fun.

Private Snapchat as a platform for adult fun and entertainment


Without a doubt, Snapchat and its many tools have become a point of reference for adult fun. From stories to ways of interacting with followers, it has revolutionized the way in which also in, many women and men have found a way to generate enough income.

The fun women and men find when signing up for private accounts are well-matched with exclusive, original and uncensored content. Produced indoors with more privacy or in open and outdoor settings, the actresses spare no effort in ensuring the best online experience.

The relationship between quality and price that is transferred to end-users, satisfies all the needs of highly erotic and sensual content, achieving in subscribers the irresistible desire to stay connected to enjoy the latest publications or be part of one. of the live shows.

Although other platforms also offer explicit live content, the experience of belonging to Snapchat premium is not found on other sites. Subscription prices are very low and imply that, due to this low cost, users will be able to enjoy uninterrupted and exclusive access.

When it comes to fees, we are also referring to the accepted payment methods and in addition to recurring payments to continue enjoying all the content that these erotic models have to offer.

Being a social network, Snapchat is not only used for the publication of erotic content, it also offers options such as chatting with friends, video calls and perhaps one of the most attractive functions is the creation of animated selfies.

The ability to create an Emoji with your face and in multiple situations of daily life that can be included in chats. For these functions and others, Snapchat has quickly become one of the most used social networks today.

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