Chinese Watches Yazole, Guanqin, Curren, Megir or Winner?
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The choice of Chinese watch in the market is simply gigantic and the pitfalls are many. We have selected for you only the best of the Chinese watch available on Amazon and Aliexpress. By classifying these watches by price, qualities and best reviews on Amazon, we assure you that you will find your happiness with a Chinese watch without breaking your wallet!

  • What is the price of a Yazole watch?
  • Which model to buy for Curren watch?
  • Is the Guanqin watch the best on the market?
  • Or Buy a Bewell Wooden Watch?
  • What is the best Chinese watch for women?

It is important to know why you want to buy a Chinese watch such as a Yazole or a Skmei watch. These Chinese watches are very interesting in terms of corn prices and are excellent value for money. Do not expect a watch of the quality of a European brand of the type Casio.

These products are available on Amazon and Aliexpress. To make an easy return and avoid unpleasant surprises on these products, we recommend going through Amazon. However do not forget to subscribe to Igraal for all your purchases on Aliexpress to get your 10 euros vouchers.

Here you will find a selection of brands such as Yazole, Guanqin, Curren, Megir, Naviforce, Skmei, Winner, Alienwork IK and Bewell

The Yazole watch and its unbeatable price

Yazole watches appear at the top of our list thanks to their unbeatable price. Indeed count just 4 euros for an entry-level! At these prices, however, do not expect a jewel of technology. We bought one of their mid-range watches that will have lasted 6 months before we stopped working.
This watch is ideal for occasional use and if your lucky ones will even last a few months.

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The Curren watch, the mid-range of the Chinese watch

The range of the watch Curren is higher than the Yazole and one can normally expect to be able to use this watch without problem. Unlike other Chinese watches, Curren offers a wider range of steel bracelets and are therefore more resistant in general. The price range is between 5 and 20 euros average. We advise the higher ranges to reduce the chances of a bad surprise with a Curren watch. The best-rated watch on Amazon can be found below:

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The GuanQin watch, the vintage watch for men and women

Guanqin offers many vintage designs for women at a very attractive price. The prices will be higher but you will also get better quality with real leather bracelets for example. The range of prices varies between 30 and 50 euros but can rise up to 70 euros for automatic watches with golden steel bracelet. If your are looking for a reliable watch at low price the Guanqin watch is surely your first choice.

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The Megir watch, the first Chinese watch in France.

Megir is one of the most popular brands in France and already has several thousand sales. Megir watches are also available in some stores in Paris. Megir quickly established a reputation with its simple designs at break-in prices. The brand has also created a Megir watch specifically designed for the French market that you will find below. The price range is much wider, count between 30 and 230 euros for a Megir watch.

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The Skmei watch with more sporty looks

The Skmei watch range predominantly with digital screen in the reverse of a needle. Be careful however these watches are not connected and are only suitable for simple use. Some are waterproof (see below) but be careful not to manipulate the buttons underwater to avoid any risks. The Skmei all-terrain watches surely appeal to a rather active audience and less focused on design.

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The Winner watch and skeleton dials

Winner is a Chinese watch brand specializing in design and skeleton dial watch. (Transparent dial where one sees the finishes)
At first glance one can say that it is quite ambitious for a Chinese watch given that the finish of these watches is not easy and rendering can quickly become ugly. Yet the positive opinions are on Winner watches that have already won the hearts of many French. Count between 15 and 40 euros for these skeleton watches.

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The Naviforce watch, a mix of sport and design

Naviforce wants to be a quality brand mixing sport and design. All bracelets are real leather or stainless steel to be sure you can keep these watches as possible. With a longer than average life span, your Naviforce watch will make you more than two years old and becomes a predominant choice in our list. Unfortunately you will find very few models for women at Naviforce ….

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The Alienwork IK watch, all for design

Alienwork is by far the most designer Chinese watch brand on the market and its Alienwork IK model is also the most sold on Amazon. The model below was purchased more than 200 times and positively reviewed by the majority. With its black stainless steel bracelet and its faux gold finishes. The Alienwork IK watch gains by far its place among the most beautiful European watches. As for the quality, the finishes could be a little more worked but nothing alarming.

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The Bewell watch and its wooden design

Bewell is a Chinese watch over fashionable bracelets and wooden dials become very popular recently. The door remains very pleasant and has nothing to envy to a more classic wristwatch. It is obviously impermeable to rain but it is strongly advised not to submerge it under water or to shower with. You can even select the wood used for making the bracelet to play with the colors.

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