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Review: Blackview and the Ultra A6 and BV5000

After reviewing several brands of Chinese smartphone we recently came across the Blackview and its two most popular models, the Blackview A6 and the BV5000.
With a price often defying any competition this brand of smartphone emphasizes a sturdy robustness with minimalist functions.
So when is he really from the Blackview brand and can we trust him?

The Blackview Ultra A6, or and what price?

The Blackview Ultra A6 is the most popular product of this Chinese brand with a great success thanks to its competitive price. It is however not the latest model of the range Ultra the A8 just coming out (see below for our opinion)

The Blackview Ultra A6 is not a smartphone that can be described as premium with 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB of ROM but it will fulfill the main functions expected of any smartphone and does not overheat the use.

As for the photo taking, nothing very attractive here again with an 8 MP camera that will not allow you to express your artistic rating!
But does it matter after all? The main attraction is simple use with a correct battery, between 180-320 minutes of call time before the battery does not run out, and the possibility of having both SIM cards.

For web browsing, the model can be found in two different versions, one allowing 3G access and another 4G access for only 10 Euro difference.

Needless to mention that the device is provided unlocked and available in French language, otherwise we would not talk about it in this article!
The Blackview Ultra A6 is still available on Aliexpress and Gearbest, the cheapest on the market!

Blackview Ultra A6Purchase On Aliexpress!

The Blackview BV5000, the robust Chinese smartphone.

The BlackView BV5000 a smartphone with interesting concept because not very common on the French market. Blackview to designated occurs so that it is quasi unbreakable and waterproof. Being ourselves sports enthusiast we have made the test and it is true that it is very resistant with its limits of course …
The phone is however 100% waterproof which is a first and it’s pretty cool! Surprisingly, some of the biggest manufacturers have not even thought about it in the past.

As for the product specifications, again nothing impressive though more advanced than the ultra A6. This smartphone has everything from a mid-range with 2G of RAM and 16G of ROM, you will have no problem when using.
Blackview understood that this notebook would be better able to be used for photos and therefore made an effort by offering you the choice between 8 MP and 13 MP (13 MP will give you a decent quality but still no photo album in Preparation!) See below for our review of the BV6000.

Lately the battery is quite correct and you can use the Blackview BV5000 for about 6.5 hours of lyrics before it goes off.
The BV5000 is still available on Aliexpress and Gearbest for a very honorable price!

Blackview BV5000Buy On Aliexpress!

What are the latest models of Blackview? BV6000 / Ultra A8

The two models below although dating only from early 2016 have already been replaced by two more recent models. The BV6000 and Ultra A8.

The BV6000 is now only available in 4G version and has been optimized to withstand shocks, it is typically an upgraded version of the BV5000.
For the price however (Barely 10 Euros difference) we strongly recommend to opt for the BV6000 which now demonstrates quite acceptable specifications!
With 32G of ROM and 3G of RAM, one is at the same level as major brands of type HTC or Sony. The camera has also been improved and is now worthy of giving you a more than correct rendition!

Like any Blackview product, it allows you to insert two SIM cards and runs on Android.
The BV6000 is available on Aliexpress and Amazon from 150 euros.

Blackview BV 6000Buy On Aliexpress!

The Blackview Ultra A8 again focuses on the category of smartphones below 90 Euros and targets the low end. Few improvements to note compared to the A6 with however a major improvement in the battery. The Ultra A6, despite its success had received some negative feedback regarding the life of its battery, problem now solved with the A8 allowing you 8 hours of call time. The camera remains identical to the previous version to avoid a surplus of cost the quality of the device strongly impacting the final price of the device. The RAM and ROM were slightly improved and the overheating problem was completely fixed.
The A8 MAX is available on Aliexpress and Gearbest for about 80 euros