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Aliexpress is an online sales site created by the Chinese group Alibaba in 2010, it is intended for sale to individuals, internationally, offering wholesale prices. This site is what is called a “Market Place”, its role is to put in direct contact producers, almost all Chinese, and individual buyers around the world.

The site is now very famous in many countries as it is possible to find all kinds of products: electronics, fashion, decoration, mechanics, etc. And all this at prices defying all competition, not surprising that the good Aliexpress plans are more popular than ever. Regarding the quality of Chinese products, just pay attention to aliexpress reviews written by other buyers, knowing that most of what is used daily is produced in China.

Payment Methods

You can pay on French Aliexpress via different payment methods. The easiest way is to pay by credit card Visa or Mastercard, you have to enter your card number, but no worries it is completely secure and it is the payment system most used by Aliexpress users.

Aliexpress does not allow payment by Paypal, simply because Paypal touches a commission on all the transactions carried out and on the scale of Aliexpress the shortfall is very important. Aliexpress chooses to play the role of intermediary between the buyer and the seller, Aliexpress keeps the sum payable by the buyer, and pays the seller once the product has been received. This does not preclude the safe payment of these orders on Aliexpress, in fact the payment process is totally secured with the “https://”.

Other less used methods are also available but less practical for the French public. Electronic wallets like Alipay, where you just transfer money on it, then simply make your purchases without having to enter your bank login every time. Western Union transfer is also possible.

Aliexpress Shipping Review

Shipping costs are free for the vast majority of products, they are already included in the purchase price in general even for products at only 1€. However some very specific products, usually bulky, can ask for shipping costs which will vary according to the proposed delivery time.

Most products are shipped from China, but some products can be delivered from Spain or Germany at the choice of the buyer, a choice that will reduce the delivery time but may slightly impact the shipping cost.

Delivery time on Aliexpress

Please note that almost all products are shipped from China without shipping cost (see section above), so the products will arrive at your place on average 3 weeks after your order. However this is random you can be lucky and receive your product within 10 days, or very rarely a counter-time when delivered can make you wait up to 5 weeks. So do not worry if sometimes your products still have not arrived even 20 days after your order. Do not hesitate to get in touch with your seller after 3 weeks to know what it is.

In general, your parcel will be delivered to your home by mail, if you are not at your home at that time, the postman will leave a notice and you will have to go to your local post office with your notice to collect your package.

Aliexpress Customs Review

Customs charges related to the 20% VAT applicable in France are in very few cases applied to purchases on Aliexpress. For orders under 150 €, no risk you will not have customs fees. For purchases over 150 €, especially branded electronic products, if your product is inspected by customs, you will generally have 20% of the purchase price corresponding to the VAT paid to the postman or post office to collect your package.

What you need to know is that under the flow of product coming from China there is very little chance that customs will inspect your product, knowing that what the customs officers are looking for is above all the large quantities destined for resale and counterfeit products. By purchasing one or more products on Aliexpress, it is therefore very unlikely that you will have to pay VAT on receipt of your package, but this is a possible case. Your chances increase greatly if you buy an aliexpress brand however…

Aliexpress Review: After-Sales Service

Aliexpress After-Sales Service Review

After-Sales Service is always something difficult to manage as part of a marketplace, because the problem is how to be sure of the reliability of a seller on his site. Despite a very large volume of buyers, according to our opinion Aliexpress is doing pretty well. Firstly because the policy of selecting sellers is very strict, they have to pay quite expensive in order to be able to promote their products on Aliexpress. And on the contrary of Ebay, a hunt for crooks has been made for several years which makes it very rare now to come across a badly intentioned seller.

Moreover, their payment system, where Aliexpress keeps receivership until the receipt of the product avoids numerous abuses by the sellers. In the case of non-conforming products or products not received, Aliexpress has set up a dispute platform, which will have to be submitted in due time or risk of not recovering the money. Aliexpress will judge the good faith of both parties and will try to find a common ground between the two parties. If it turns out that the seller has breached his commitments, then the entire amount will be refunded.

Buyer Protection

Aliexpress undertakes to provide anyone who purchases on the following guarantees. Complete refund in case you do not receive your package at all, full or partial refund in case the item you received is not in accordance with the description. Some vendors may also offer additional warranties: products may be returned to the country where it was delivered under conditions that it is not used and in the original packaging, or if the item you received turns out to be a counterfeit you will be fully refunded, shipping included.

The procedure to follow in the event that the product received does not correspond to the description of what you ordered, is initially to contact the seller in order to find a solution directly with him. Good sellers will find a solution quickly, but think about taking pictures of the package and the product received as you will most likely be asked for proof of what you have received. In case the seller is not receptive to your claim, the second step is to open a dispute, the seller will be formally obliged to respond to your requests.

However be careful, you have a deadline time to meet in order to open a dispute, this date varies Article order and is fixed from the date of your order. The last step if you still can not find a suitable agreement with the seller is to report the dispute with Aliexpress who will act as judge and will surely ask for proof and will do everything necessary to solve the problem and satisfy you .

More details on buyer protection on this page: Buyer Protection

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