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Buy on Alibaba the Chinese Wholesaler: Our Reviews

Alibaba a platform bringing together a large number of suppliers in order to buy products at wholesale prices.
This online Chinese wholesaler does not say, however, that it is confused with Aliexpress, which is more oriented to selling unity from China.

Here is our tutorial to buy on Alibaba after 3 years of purchase on the site.

Registration on Alibaba: Chinese Wholesaler

First you will need to create an account by registering via the tab at the top left of the page. (Use the Aliexpress account if you already have one.)

You will be brought to the page below which will ask you to make certain personal information to create your account. No need to enter a company name to sign up. If the interface blocks you here because the box is empty, insert a random company name because it will be changeable in the future.

Alibaba Reviews

Once registered, you will be able to send a request to a seller for free. On Alibaba only sellers pay to be registered but the buyer so far.

So go into the search bar and between the product you want to receive an offer.
You will then have a lot of products that will appear. Select the product and click on “Contact supplier”.

Alibaba Supplier

You will then be brought to the interface to communicate with the seller, but be careful to send a message only in English. Also the minimum number of units to purchase is probably mentioned in the product description sheet.

Below are the important points to mention:

The number of units you wish to purchase
That the delivery must be done in France (Ask for the different types of deliveries available
As much detail as possible about the product (Color, Specificity)
If you are a serious buyer you can ask for videos and / or samples
All you have to do is send your message and wait patiently for the seller’s reply. Not more than 24 hours often outside Chinese holiday period.
Then it’s time for negotiation. It is important to remember that everything is negotiable on the site Alibaba and it is common to be able to reduce the price by at least 30% on certain orders.

Alibaba our opinion on the site

Alibaba is a very reliable site, moreover, more than Aliexpress. It is the number one business of the Chinese giant so no bad surprises here and a lot of security. A large number of shops in France are already ordered on the site for in-store resale.

The providers on the site are large companies who pay close attention to their credibility, besides, count about $ 5000 per year to be referenced as a salesman. Not everyone can afford this amount in China.

Alibaba and the pitfalls to avoid

It is very important to know the French law with regard to wholesale imports. You will have to report having imported products to customs and it is important that the invoice on the parcel represents the exact value of the goods. The taxes in force in France can be quite complex with regard to the import and we strongly advise you to do some research before finalizing your purchase on the site.